Chapelwood Complete Dining Station with Feeders

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Chapelwood Complete Dining Station with Feeders

  • Create a garden centrepiece for wild birds to feed at
  • Made from high quality, screw together steel poles
  • Features a four way head, water dish, mesh tray and two feeding hooks
  • Includes four Click Top Feeders: Peanut, Seed, Niger Seed and Suet Ball
  • Total height (before planting): 2.5m


ChapelWood Complete Dining Station

Feeding the birds is a highly rewarding activity, and that one hanging feeder in the garden can quickly inspire a few more, dotted between the trees! The ChapelWood CompleteDining Station gives you everything you need to feed the birds from a single location, whilst also doubling up as a stunning centrepiece on your lawn. Made from high quality steel, this large pole features a four-way head that can be fitted with any of our ChapelWood hanging feeders, along with removable water dish and mesh seed trays, and an additional feeding hook for a third hanging feeder or suet treat. It also comes with four click top feeders – one for every major feed type – allowing you to quickly fill them up with treats and get feeding! Enhanced by scrollwork details and an ornate finial, the Complete Dining Station pole can also be fitted with any number of ChapelWood accessories, including a squirrel dome or additional feeding hook. The Complete Dining Station provides everything you need for feeding all of your local birds.

ChapelWood Wildlife Care

Established over fifteen years ago, ChapelWood has grown to be one of the world’s largest and most successful producers of wildlife products. Specialising in wild bird care, our products continue to display the commitment to innovation and quality that lies at the heart of the business.

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1 x ChapelWood Complete Dining Station


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