Dark grey colour Curver Litter Box Style Cat toilet

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Dark grey colour Curver Litter Box Style Cat toilet

  • The cat litter box is usually exposed in the house corridor or in the kitchen, and everybody can see it. Surely you can’t be ashamed of the aesthetic rattan look like Petlife litter box for cats
  • Available in 2 colours: cream and dark grey.
  • Includes a hidden compartment including a scoop storage and odour filter
  • The litter has an easy carrying handle for transport. The closing clips and smooth surface inside makes it easy to clean product
  • The dimensions are 510 x 390 x 390 cm

Curver has developed a new Petlife collection with rattan design, for the daily needs of cats and dogs: three baskets, a litter box for cats and a carrier

 This range has all the advantages of plastic in terms of hygiene, strength and utility. With its rattan appearance, it will easily blend into your home.
Why we recommend it
– Easy Carrying handle
– Closing clips : Easy assembly
– Drawer system: Easy cleaning
– Hidden compartment: scoop storage (scoop incl) & odor filter compartment


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