Encore Cat Tin Fish Multipack 8 x 70 g (Pack of 4, Total 32 Cans)

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Encore Encore Cat Food Tin Fish Multipack, 70g, Pack of 4 x 8 x 70g Average rating: , based on reviews from GBP£23.52 to GBP£29.49
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Encore Cat Tin Fish Multipack 8 x 70 g (Pack of 4, Total 32 Cans)

  • 100% natural
  • 75% premium meat content
  • Nothing added
  • Low carb


Product Description

Cats will do anything for an Encore. Why…because each tin is packed with nothing but 100% natural goodness, giving encore the most delicious taste. Encore’s high meat content and no filler’s policy ensures your pet receives more meat per tin.We insist on using only the highest quality ingredients and the finest cuts of chicken or fish. We refuse to use any hard-to-digest fillers, harmful additives or animal by-products, artificial sweeteners or colourings.

100% natural means just that, nothing is added and nothing is hidden – when we say chicken breast or tuna fillet that is exactly what you’ll find and what your cat with enjoy.

We also guarantee that all our fish is caught using dolphin friendly methods and that our chicken is reared to the best possible welfare standards. If it’s not good for your pet, you won’t find it in Encore.

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